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My first hurricane flight: "Ophelia"

After almost 40 years in the weather business, I have witnessed unprecedented advances in the science and technology of meteorology.  Social Media now provides a wonderful opportunity to share  information with the public to enable more informed planning and decision-making.

Over the last two years, I have enjoyed preparing daily tweets (https://twitter.com/YHZweatherguy) that intend on summarizing the most relevant, interesting, or threatening aspect of the current weather situation.   This newly created blog provides an opportunity to add additional detail.  Furthermore, I hope that this blog will also be educational; enabling users to better understand weather-related phenomena, better interpret available information, and ultimately better able to make decisions to protect yourself, your family and your property.

I welcome your questions and suggestions.

Jim Abraham



  1. Since when has “Flurries at times heavy” been an acceptable descriptor” – Reminds me of the phone call from Newfoundland – “I’ve just finished shovelling a foot of a few flurries from my driveway”! Progress is slow!

    • Yeah… at least snow squalls are now part of the conversation, but not even sure of the public’s interpretation of that. With limited EC involvement in media, public education a challenge

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